About Raymond

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a proud Australian citezen from suburban Melbourne, in the state of Victoria. Politically I would describe myself as a stounch Conservative. I am a single father (unfortunately divorced) and consider I my roll as a parent the most important thing in the World. Speaking of the World I plan to use this blog to speak very frankly about the problem’s facing the world – in particular the value’s of Australian and culture which I believe are being wittled away by poor govenance and community apathy .If my passionate opinions offend anyone, I am not Sorry!!! I beleive passionately in the right to free speech and I plan to exercise that for the betterment of my society. In that spirit I welcome coments form any one that feels they want to say anything to me. But be warned that I will not back down from a fight so if that is what you have come here for then be prepared for you’re preconceptions to be challenged – I am a respectful man so long as I am treated with respect.


5 responses to “About Raymond

  1. great too see another site! keep up the good work, we’ll get those lefties yet!

  2. “Politically I would describe myself as a stounch Conservative

    Is that the left or right wing of the Liberal Party?

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  4. Vumption

    With spelling like yours, I don’t think you’re in any position to speak on behalf of Australia.

  5. Was this blog a joke or something? If so, it’s gone straight over my head. I scrolled down and saw about five thousand errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation.

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