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Back on Track

Well well, well if it is’nt your old mate Flamin Raymond come crawling back onto the blogsphere after yet another long, unexplained abscess!

At the risk of gaining a reputation for making excuse’s all the time, I do have several personnel reasons for not having found the time to write for so long. I will detail them (well, there is really just one reason) in a much longer post this week end -I have been working on a draft for about a week now and wan’t to make sure its all as reasonable and lucid as possible before I post it because, it relate’s a rather touchy issure.

But anyway, while I’m here I wanted to tell a quick story about an incident I just had on the Train on the way back from the City after yet aNOTHER infernal job interview!!

It seem’s Melbourne is swarming with World Youth Day Pilgrimes for some unfathomable reason. Now I ask you, how do these muppet’s expect to find God it they can’t even find Sydney?But anyway, their all over the city in strangle-looking white Cowboy hats emblazonned with the World Youth Day logo, getting in the way and creating a general nuisance of theirself in the way only Tourist’s seem to be able to manage.

frankly I was glad to get on the train at Flinders street and head back home. But what do I find on the carriage? Another bunch of the beggers!

One of them, a tall pale fellow who I must say looked silly as a wheel, smiled at me as I stepped on but I wasn’t in the mood. Then, at the next station a Black girl hopped in to the carriage and, this scoundral grins and says to her “Good and dark!”

Well, did I see Red.! There’s no excuse for Racism in my book or any right-thinking conservatves, so I got up and approached the devil, who immediately began to look panicked.

“Now see here, you long streak of pelican shit, I said, You take that back and apologize to the Lady.” And I made to grab him by the collar, he started shrieking “Nine, nine!” which I took to be some strange Catholic venacula I’m not aquainted with (me being brought up a Protestent).

He tried to get out of his seat, so I took him roughly, by the arm and marched him to the door.

And I’ll be buggered if the devil didn’t begin babbling in tongues like some Biblical creature visited by the Holy Ghost!

The train was off again, and as I held the spluttering young fool one of his companions approached me and said “no You don’t understand, he is German.” To which I replied “I understand just fine, sonny and now I understand why he’s a Racist mongrel too.’

I threw him off the train at the next station and called hima “Nazi bastard” for his trouble’s.

Meanwhile, the Black girl had disappeared in the commotion,. Now I don’t want a bloody medal every time I look after someone, but a bit of gratitude would’nt go a stray surely!

All in all another mad day in the City. Thank Christ I live in Dingley!



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A Quick update

Well, doesn’t time get away from you sometimes? Now I realise I do’nt have to many readers at this point in Time, but the last thing I wanted to do was alienate them this early in the peace. I have been busy with various odds and sods lately, which I will endover to fill you in as soon as I can, but in the mean time I offer the following update;

  • Anzac Day, which is alway’s a sad time for Family Bull, was a sad time made more difficult by Slims’ refusual to take part in the dawn Service this year. Not making the time to Blog about this is regretfull as I feel I have born the pain with some degree of lonelines and have’nt gotten things of my chest. I will try writing something about this soon if if wouldnt be considered to self indulgent or late,

Button’s is fully recovered from his biting ordeal!

I am still looking for Employment. I have had several interviews over the passed moth and feel I’m getting into the swing of that sort of thing, which takes some getting used to especially for a modest Man such as myself.Blowing horns, as my ol’man used to say is for Trumpeters and ducky boys! Not of course, that there is anything wrong with been a Poof in this day in age mind you. I do’nt discriminate against anyone, whether their Black, or not.
(Well I do discriminate against the Left, but a more villinous lot you could’nt find under a rock in Satan’ s reptile enclosure, and I offer no apology for that and looking after the well being of my country and it’s Future.)

My relationship with Slim is on rockier ground than its ever been-he is threating to move out of home and I have tried to forbid it but, short of chaining the devil to hotwater system there is’nt much be done, He is old enough by Law to do whatever he see’s fit, and if he chose’s not to listen to his own Father and Reason I am powderless to stop him.

I still feel dispite what everyone seem sto be saying about him, that Brendan Nelson is continuing to do a fine job in tough circumstances as Opposite Leader.  He’s stance on the Baby bonus was particularly principaled and I am yet to get the feeling there is anyone else in the Party who would do a better job at present. I always considered Peter Costello a worthy successer to Mr Howard but he seem’s not to want the job, so what can you do? You can lead a house to water but you ca’nt make him drink, as the saying go’s.

Its always the way –here I am bellyaching that I don’t find time to update my Blog and I go and turn what is supposed to be a breif update into a bloody half a Novel! Well no matter, it just remind’s me that writing a few words doesn’t necessarilly take as much time (or  effort)as I convince myself it will. I suppose Bloging is a bit like walking the dog in Winter; you make all sort’s of excuses about other things you have to do just to avoid getting out in the cold but once you force yourself to get out their you remember how little hassle it is and how much you enjoy it.

I must remind myself to remind myself more often!


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