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Leopard’s don’t change there spots

I have’nt gotten to political on this Blog up to this point, who know’s why -maybe on account of not wanting to come across as a reasonable, thoughtful Man fist and foremost rather than a ranter.

But its worth noting that I did set up this site as a post off defence against the erosion of common sence and Conservatism in the West, and I woud’nt be doing my job if I let a item like the following go though to the keeper.

The ABC, a somewhat Commonist organisation it self, put the following news item on it’s website today;

Communists call for Indy boycott

A branch of the Russian Communist Party has called for a boycott of the latest Indiana Jones movie, describing it as crude, anti-Soviet propaganda.

The fourth movie in the series is set during the Cold War in 1957 and pits Indiana Jones against a sinister KGB agent, played by Australian actress Cate Blanchett.

In an open letter the St Petersburg branch of Communist party has warned the star of the film, Harrison Ford, not to visit Russia, saying he will be “beaten and despised” if he does.

 Now I’m fairly curtain Harrison Ford -a fine actor and US citizen -would have better thing’s to do that hang about in Russia being beaten and despised! but if this is’nt typical of the dilusion of the Left then the Pop doesn’t wear a silly hat! What we have here is  a bunch of people who not only cannot see Escapist entertaiment for what is it, but there refusing to acknowledge the realties of the past with respect to the working’s of the KGB.

The level of dillusion is consistent with what we see in the Left over here in Australia. The communism was brought down in the Soviet Union after bringing misery and Death to billions of people yet their is still a party of these scoundrals ready to ponce like the cornered spiders they are .They cling desperately on to the view of an Idealistic past that never really existed and continue to spread thier dangerous lies without shame.Sounds familiar does’nt it?

The worst ofenders are the young students you see in the City, flogging there badge’s and Socialist magazines – These people were but the sparkle in the Postman’s eye when the Berlin wall fell, but they presume to tell the World that this poisonous Idelogy is the answer to our political woe’s! I little research wouldnt go stray, and they call themselves Student’s!

Just when you think the world isn’t such an insane place, the Commo’s turn up and threaten a much-loaved film character. It beg’s belief! (or at least it would if it wasn’t the Left we were talking about

I was’nt going to see this film originally, but Soviet missile’s wouldn’t stop me now. I will be sure to watch it with buttered popcorn and all the American sweats (or Candy as, they say )  my teeth and guts can handle!!



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