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Along time coming

Hello and a warm welcome to my blog!! I have been considering starting a blog for quiet some time now. A few months ago I was invited to contribute to someone elses’ blog but things didn’t work out to our mutual agreement (a Long story that am not at willing to go in to here,just yet!) so I took the plunge and have started my own.

I love my country but am not entirely satisfied that its heading in the right direction. It go’s without saying that, as a Conservative I am disapointed that Australia voted in a political party of the Left. but my faith in Democracy is unwavering and will always accept the will of our people even if personally, I think they( we) got it wrong.

I will probably shock some of my conservative bretheren by saying that I do’nt believe Kevin Rudd is the end of the world!!! HoweverI think that for a socialist he is more significantly moderate then, say, Mad Mark Latham !!But I consider it my duty as the proud citizen to hold the government to account and push what is best for our country through what ever mean’s we have– once every few years a ballot, but every day the opportunity to put my opinions fourth in the Public domain.

This is what makes Australia and Democracy great, and I am proud to play my part in it.

I hope my contribution is valueable one and I hope you two will help to play you’re part! Until next time, stand tall and proud Australia.


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