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The week from Hell

Terrible news today – my dog, Button’s was attached at the local park this morning by a big, snarling mongrel of a thing that was off it’s lead and obviously out of control of it’s idiotic owner. It looked like a cross between a Boxer and a Rottwheeler or some such– vicious and unpredictable. I gave it an almighty kick in the rib’s to get it away, and the owner had the nerve to have a go at ME!! I told him were to go in no uncertain term’s and got down to help Button’s. By the tim eI got back up with the poor bugger in my arm’s the cowardly bastard was gone.

A religious Man might ask what he’d done to offend his Maker! first the trouble with Slim and he’s bloody Leftist mates, now the poor dog get’s it, who had never done any one or anything any harm in his nine year’s. I’m ropeable.

The vet has told us the damage is’nt to bad, no broken bones although he needed some stiches under his front right leg and is sore and understandably distressed. If I ever see that bastard and his Cur at the park again, so help me god I will bloody his nose.

I just do’nt understand why someone with a dangerouos dog would be iresponsible enough to let them of lead to the danger of all and sundry. Every body know’s there dogs’ personality and propencity for violence, and it is the height of stupidity to not restain it acorddingly.

Button’s was actually my wife’s dog. She brought him, without my Permission, not to long before she took off, maybe a year top’s. I had never liked dog’s — infact, if not for Horse’s I would’nt say I had an interest in animal’s at all-but what could I do? Slim had become attached to the little blighter and I felt duty bound to look after it. And I did

Its amazing how quickly a dog can turn you’re affection around. It go’s without saying that a Pomeranian is’nt quite the right Dog for a Man of my statue ,and I have never gotten used to the silliness of having to call out the name “Button’s” at the park when the devil is off sniffing other dogs arse’s —incidentally I tried to get him too answer the name Ralph many year’s ago but no avail.

But dispite all this I’ve grown to love him. Slim, off course has lost interest in him now that he’s an O So important Intelectual. But he’s a valued part of Family Bull, which make’s todays development all the more painful.

They say bad luck come’s in three’s — I shutter to think what my third metophorical kick in the gut’s is going to be!!

Button’s is on the couch sleepy, sometime’s watching me as I type. Good luck mate and get Well soon.



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