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I of the Beholder

You know what really get’s my bloody boiling? Bloody upitty young women who think the worst of a Man just because for what ever reason they don’t like the look of him.

Perfect exapmle this other day, I was walking alone minding my own Business on my way home from another interview, I noticed a young lass walking toward’s me on the foot path. She was probably a good, oh 30 yard’s away, i hadn’t even had a chance to give my usual chipper greeting when she lowered her face and briskly crossed to the other side of the rod!

Look, now I’m no oil panting, I’ll be blunt and you can even see that for yourself, but it beg’s belief that a young lass could think a dead-set stranger, in Broad daylight and doing nothing but swinging a breifcase on his way home, could intent to dothem harm – just because of his apearence? What of it anyway,  she couldn’t have even have got a good look and my mug from that faraway .

Well I’ve had an absolute Gutful of this kind off sick predjuice- believe it or note this has happened to me before. So bugger her, here ‘s what I figure she was thinking; reality on the left and her twisted perspenctive on the Right (excuse my woe full drawing!)


Anyway, like I said, this is’nt the first time this has hapenned to me and I’ve had it up to Here so, I thought well to Hell with you, you Leftitst bitch, so once she was “safely” (HA!) on the other side   of the strret I yell out:

“Don’t flatter yourslef Toot’s, I would’nt touch yuo with Jeff Clark’s!”

So what does she do? She starts running! Right after I make it prefectly clear I bloody well WAS’NT going to rape her!

Fair dinkum, this World is rooted some time’s.



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Dam straight

Populate or perish: Pell

  • Linda Morris
  • July 14, 2008 – 2:22PM

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, today warned western nations like Australia to populate or perish.

For once Cardinal Peel is Right. Get those bloddy dinger’s off and start rootin, all you you Devil’s at World Youth Day! The future of the West depend’s on it.

Just do’nt go bringing them up as Leftits..


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A word to my critic’s

It was bound to happen eventually I suppose but, I will admit I am astonished that it took only one Political post to race the ire of the Left half of the Australian blogsphere.

I should be specific. Most of the traffic my Indiana Jones item recieved came from one sight, of which I am aware of but will not give any encoragement by way off publicity.

I have said it before and will do so again: I have never claimed to be an accomplished speller or Grammerian. I do my beast and try to ensure my meaning’s are always clear dispite the lack of sophistication in my   delivery.

I will accept and tollerate criticism of my idea’s and my politics, and will not bork at opportunity’s to engage in sprited debate with people in this Blogs comment’s section But I will not adibe by snide, elitist digs at my expression.

I believe these rules are simple and fair (some might say they are alot like Me!) and I ca’nt do any better than that. As you see I, do not take myself to seriously, but this is my Domain to do wish as I with and I will not have term’s dictated to me here.

I hope this is the first and last time I am required to spell this out, I would like to go one Bloging and if not been engaged in good Faith and humour then bloody well left alone!

I should add, in closing that not all of the recent inundation of comments were negative. I found some support from a fellow named Kevin Kang, who claim’s to be the best Christian raper in the Eastern suburbs!

Now I’m not silly enought to believe this character is real as he seem’s but, it was Lovely nontheless to have some good–natured fun amongst the shower of spittle and flying birdshit!Lets have more civility and less hate and I’m sure we can be civil opponents if not freinds.


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