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Tear’s off a Man

After having previously thrown my full sppurt behind Dr Brendan Nelson, and seeing the raw emotion he excluded after being bumped form the Liberal’s head job by Malcolm Turnbull, I’d be lying if I said a big old knot didn’t from deep in this sentimental old buggers’ throat.

Dr Nielson conduced himself with dignity, determination and integrity over the course of his 10 moths as Opposition ladder, often under the unimagineable strain of internal Party destablization and the most outrageous insluts being hurled at him from Journalist’s and bloger’s who have nothing better to do that kick a Man while his down.

Go well Dr Nelson.  And may that arsejawed Roger Ramjet look alike who has taken you’re place never forget the hard work that laid the path for his canter to the next election.

PS: Of course I am not abandonning the Liberals as my Pasty of choice, but one has to wonder the Wisdom of putting a leftist maskerading as a Conservative in the top Job surely. Thing’s did’nt go so well during the Other Malcolm year’s now did it? Thanks god Fraser had a damn good Treasurer.



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Stand by you’re Man

I know I am going against the grain of pubic opionion in saying this, but I am declaring my support for Opposition leader Brendon Nelson. Its easy to forget that the great Prime minister John Howard was underestimated and mocked for many years before he finally gained the recognition he deserved, and he earnt that though hard work and perseverence — nothing less.

Brendan Nelson continue’s his grulling listening tour around this Great nation of our’s, getting in touch with the people taht Kevin Rudd’s government has already abbandoned in only a few month’s of being in Power. If thats’ not Leadership and vision, I don’t know what it.

Malcolm Turnbull seem’s to be using a tradition of destabilization that is more in line with the way Labor opposition’s have acted in the passed with respect to Leadership challenges. Its not becoming of the Liberal Party to engage in such gutter tactics, and I would say to Mr Turnbull— who seems to be a talented fellow, despite his Leftist and Republican leaning’s — to Cool your heels and support the Man whom the Party saw fit to apoint as Leader. THe electrate doe’s not take kindly to snake in the grass campaigns for leadership — just look at the damage Labors faction’s did to there party during the Wildnerness years with Kim Beazley and Simon Cream. No

What Conservative’s need now is unity not ambition and division. And with Dr Nelsons committmant to the hard yards, and his unshackable believe in himself, I firmly believe he is the best Man for the job right at this time.

As another Liberal leader once said “,life was’nt meant to be Easy”!!! Its a hard slog now for the party, but one build’s ones character in the trench’s of battle, not growing Fat off the largesse of Ministerial privelege.

I will leave the last word to Dr Nelson as I pledge for the last time my support for him – – a good Man.

“I am very, very confident that I will continue to be in the job that I am, and I’m very confident that I will keep speaking up for, and being an advocate for, everyday Australians in developing alternative policies for the country and I’m very confident in my position,” from The Age.

Here here!


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