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Mile Stone

It might only be a humble, some what inconsequential Blog thats not updated nearly as often as it should be(!) but Bull Steam Ahead has now wracked-up 1,000 HIT’S AND CUNTING!


Thank’s to all my reader’s (even those who are predominately critical) who have made this possible. It’s certainly provides much needed encouragement to carry on Bloging.

Regards Raymond.

PS I am still Toiling on my post which, mia Culpa, I promised on the weekend. I should briefly explain what its about in case I do’nt get to post it for a few day’s- Slim left home a couple of weeks’ ago and I’d by lying if I said the spilt was anything but acrimonious. I’m sure you can apreciate the delicacy with which I wish to employ in this post. Airing ones’ dirty Manchester is a tricky business and I want to be sure I’ve done the issue Justice (also for Slim, who, in spite of itall I still love dearly) before I go pubic.

Again, you’re patience is mist Appricieated.



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