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The parenting Dillema

Part of being a good father is knowing when to let go of you’re children. Undestanding that their comes a point when you probably have done all you can do to influence them, and they are going to live life on there own term’s from now on. All you can really do is hope that the grounding you have given them has set them on the right path morally (and politically!!1) and that, dispite the arguments you might get into from this point on, hopefully when they grow older and have children of their own they will thank you.

I understand all this. But no one ever said it was easy.

My son, Slim (he’s real name is Dustin) is now 19 year’s of age. He is in his second year of University, studying Arts, with his Major interest being in Music. First, I should point out that although I never had the opportunity to attend Uni, I have nothing against it. Indeed, it was a honour having my son accepted – He exceded everyones expectation’s in High school and just went on from their.

But the trouble is that he seem’s to have been hanging about with the kind of people I thought I had done my best to teach him to avoid- –Leftist activist type’s. At first it did’n’t appear to be doing him any adverse harm, but before to long he was barking at the television whenever the Iraq war was mentioned, or calling Andrew Bolt name’s I wo’nt repeat here while I was reading his column’s in the morning, This was particularly alarming, because he know’s how highly I value Bolts’ opinion – and anyway, I thought I’d taught him to respect people’s differing opinion’s anyway.

A few days ago he left the house wearing one of those She Guervera t-shits and I fairly hit the roof. He would’nt listen to me when I attempted to educate him on that poisonous Bastards murderous ways in advancing Socialism in all its evil’s through Latin America. He shouted back some poppycock about “idea’s and idealogy” and called me an old, well, use your imaginations I won’t repeat what he said.

I shoved him out the front door and ,in my fit of peek, told him not to come home.

I was wrong to do that off coure. He did come home that night and snuck into his room, believing he was undetected. Is’nt it funny that all children seem to think there parent’s do’nt hear them when they come home, and can sleep comfortably when their out late! I used to think that when I was younger and only Parenting made my undestand how wrong I was!!

Anyway, I appologized to him in the morning but said I felt we needed to talk about the dangerous path he was taking. He did’nt really engage me, and he has been sullen since, refusing to converse with his old man which is heartbraking for a Dad who for so many year’s has had a particularly healthy and open Relationship with his boy- A bond strenghtened by his mothers’ absense for so many years.l

Sorry about the long post, but this is the Dilemma I find myself into day. I love Slim dearly and do’nt want to see him fall in with the wrong crowd and do something stupid. I warned him time and time enough about Leftist’s and the poison of their Dogma, advice he clearly has ignored. But he is, legally a Man now, and I woud’nt be much of a Man myself if I did’nt allow him to be a man in his own right.

This, my freinds is the Parenting Dilemma. I welcome any word’s of advice (or even comiseration — I can be a decent “shoulder” too, dispite my whingeing here!!) in the comments.



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