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A mixed Bag

When I first founded this Blog its raisin d’entree was to ad my voice to the Political discus in Australia, partly becuase I believe is dominated on all Front’s by the Left and there propagandering minions. Now it has come to pass that, looking over my effort’s off the passed few month’s that the balance of my out put have been overwellmingly personal.

I’m not sure how I feel about this but it has happened though a range of Issue’s & Circumstance and there’s little I can doo about it now aside from hope you reader’s, who I expect come here to chew my fat a little from time to time to time bit do’nt mind and are entertained or find something to empathise with when you do .

ANyway like my old man use to say “this World of our’s is spinnin to fast” And to extend that analgy, I have to admit I’m in a bit of a spin myself.

Most of you know how things stand with Slim, and to put it diplomamaticly all is not quite on the Western Frot. the way Slim is going hes not the kind of matter to be raising with decent  fork who want to be coming on a Blog and having a shinwag without yodelling there breakfast’s out of disgust – if you see what I’m getting at.

So, fice to say iv’e got a wrong un on my hands. But infact another ton of Trey Bit has hit the fan of late.

I’m not a Man whose scarred of a fight with Reality but I must admit iv been hitting the Devils’ Mouthwash a bit lately. The Bull’s aren’t ones to run from a fight and ‘Im the kind that step up and stick’s one on lifes jaw if I think liberty’s are been taken. But since this businesss with Slim I have’nt had the heart.

Sitting on the veranda at 3am with a bottle of bottle of Glen Simpson in your gut, Dingley Village can look a very depressing place.

And the Glen Simpson! – on my Oath, never buy scotch off the Intenet. I was just about ready to give up on grog after the second case, but the old Bull Machoismo kicked in.You Never writo off a bull but

In anycase Ive decided to clean up a bit after a nasty bit of business with Button’s.

The poor tyke ate a  plastic bag and had some trouble this morning doing what comes Natural if you get my drift. Lucky – or not so lucky may be- I could see the buggar in there. I was  a bit worse for where but I worked a finger’s in and managed to hook one of the handles.

I do;nt know if it was the Stench or maybe a few day’s on the Glen Simpson had drained me but I could’nt get the thing out. Worst, Button’s was looking over his shoulder at me, and when I saw the pain in those big eyes – he seemed to be saying “Raymond stop puling that bag out of my arsehoe.

But I think being a Man is about making those Hard decision’s some times.

I knocked back a douible Glen Simpson and shouted Eureaka!

Get well soon little Mate -I know how your feeling, believe it or note.



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The Prodigle Son

My little coroner of the Blogsphere has been pretty quite of late, and it is again time to dust of the cob webs. It seem’s my reticence to post the story of Slims departure from the Bull Ring (AKa our once happy abode) has delivered a mixed blessing of sort’s -Slim has since swallowed his pride (and hopefully nothing more as I shall shortly revel) and come home.

I dhouls point out in fairness to sLim that he asked me not to make this public, but I was forced to issue an ultimation of sort’s as he has thus far refused to talk about the circumstances of his return indeed even the self-imposed excile from our Home in the fist place. It has since elapsed and as mush as it pain’s me to do so, I am now prepared to speak in the hope that, all temporary pain it may cause the resluts of my outpouring might save his future and our friendship in the future.

So, a little background is in odour.

Some of you may recall that our relationship was on some what rocky ground since my son began his University carrer and, as all evidence suggested, took up a flirtation with the Leftist stain that seem’s to breed in those damned places of “education.

Argument’s became common place where once their we’re none, and he became more absent (both physically and mentally) and withdrawn in the time’s he was home always repairing to his room and playing music which, frankly. The like’s of which I have never heard nor wanted to !

Without wanting to cover anymore of the old ground, suffice to say thing’s were at a boiling point for some time before he announced he was planning to move into a share house with a new mate of his.

Now this mate who, we’ll call Terry (not his real Name) is, in my estimation, a bigger mincer than you’ll ever find in an industrial house of Sausage. I’ve repeatedly stated that, as a Tolerant Man I have no problem with those of the Homosexual persuasion, but I do’nt particularly have any desire to break Bread with them at my diner table if you catch my drift.

I’d encounted this character a couple of times before as he’d come to pick up Slim for concert’s and what not, never comeing in the front door but I could see his plucked eye brow’s(!)and smell his sickly sweet colon from the living room. Mind you I get sneezzy when a Woman wear’s too much bloody perfume, so this is no indicastion of a prejudice on my part I hasten to add. But for Christ’s sake, my pertunia’s were wilting in the front path!

In any case, Slim was naturally enough coy when I asked him who his flat mate was to be, but you ca’nt keep anything from your Father for to long. And did I hit the Roof when I found out it was Dean!

In the ensuing blue Slim made all manner of denial’s and accusations about my Character. He left in tears that day and I’d be lying if I said I did’nt have a lump in my throart after some of the thing’s we raked over. He came back while I was out one day to pick up his Thing’s and I didn’t see him for several week’s.

Low and behold he came back last week end once again in tears but this time alot more unwilling to spill his gut’s. Now I consider it a Fathers duty not to pass undue Judgment on a son particularly when he’s in the difficult process of becoming a Man, but all I demanded to know of him was if he left because he’ed been Interfered with by that lightfooted devil.

He told me to leave it, askd me nicely as a matter of fact, and although my heart was rent with tenderness for the poor boy my Temper (a bull legacy) got the batter of me.

“So help me God, I roared “If that son of a bitch so much as looked you up and down in the shower I’ll go over their and pull his Cock clean of!”

For gods’ sake I don’t even know where the devil  live’s, but Slim slammed his door and locked it saying “This is why you and I will never be friends, Dad, we’ll never understand eachother and I’m only hear until I find my feet.

I have scarcely seen hide nor hair of him since that argument -he has been in his room or studiously out of the house when I’m in or out.

He wo’nt hear of an appology and I am once again as a loss as to what so do. I ca’nt help but think Fatherhood wasn’t meant to be this hard and ca’nt begin to imagine were it has all gone wrong.

Slim, if your reading, you old Man is sorry and will do anything to have you back. Mate.


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Mile Stone

It might only be a humble, some what inconsequential Blog thats not updated nearly as often as it should be(!) but Bull Steam Ahead has now wracked-up 1,000 HIT’S AND CUNTING!


Thank’s to all my reader’s (even those who are predominately critical) who have made this possible. It’s certainly provides much needed encouragement to carry on Bloging.

Regards Raymond.

PS I am still Toiling on my post which, mia Culpa, I promised on the weekend. I should briefly explain what its about in case I do’nt get to post it for a few day’s- Slim left home a couple of weeks’ ago and I’d by lying if I said the spilt was anything but acrimonious. I’m sure you can apreciate the delicacy with which I wish to employ in this post. Airing ones’ dirty Manchester is a tricky business and I want to be sure I’ve done the issue Justice (also for Slim, who, in spite of itall I still love dearly) before I go pubic.

Again, you’re patience is mist Appricieated.


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A Quick update

Well, doesn’t time get away from you sometimes? Now I realise I do’nt have to many readers at this point in Time, but the last thing I wanted to do was alienate them this early in the peace. I have been busy with various odds and sods lately, which I will endover to fill you in as soon as I can, but in the mean time I offer the following update;

  • Anzac Day, which is alway’s a sad time for Family Bull, was a sad time made more difficult by Slims’ refusual to take part in the dawn Service this year. Not making the time to Blog about this is regretfull as I feel I have born the pain with some degree of lonelines and have’nt gotten things of my chest. I will try writing something about this soon if if wouldnt be considered to self indulgent or late,

Button’s is fully recovered from his biting ordeal!

I am still looking for Employment. I have had several interviews over the passed moth and feel I’m getting into the swing of that sort of thing, which takes some getting used to especially for a modest Man such as myself.Blowing horns, as my ol’man used to say is for Trumpeters and ducky boys! Not of course, that there is anything wrong with been a Poof in this day in age mind you. I do’nt discriminate against anyone, whether their Black, or not.
(Well I do discriminate against the Left, but a more villinous lot you could’nt find under a rock in Satan’ s reptile enclosure, and I offer no apology for that and looking after the well being of my country and it’s Future.)

My relationship with Slim is on rockier ground than its ever been-he is threating to move out of home and I have tried to forbid it but, short of chaining the devil to hotwater system there is’nt much be done, He is old enough by Law to do whatever he see’s fit, and if he chose’s not to listen to his own Father and Reason I am powderless to stop him.

I still feel dispite what everyone seem sto be saying about him, that Brendan Nelson is continuing to do a fine job in tough circumstances as Opposite Leader.  He’s stance on the Baby bonus was particularly principaled and I am yet to get the feeling there is anyone else in the Party who would do a better job at present. I always considered Peter Costello a worthy successer to Mr Howard but he seem’s not to want the job, so what can you do? You can lead a house to water but you ca’nt make him drink, as the saying go’s.

Its always the way –here I am bellyaching that I don’t find time to update my Blog and I go and turn what is supposed to be a breif update into a bloody half a Novel! Well no matter, it just remind’s me that writing a few words doesn’t necessarilly take as much time (or  effort)as I convince myself it will. I suppose Bloging is a bit like walking the dog in Winter; you make all sort’s of excuses about other things you have to do just to avoid getting out in the cold but once you force yourself to get out their you remember how little hassle it is and how much you enjoy it.

I must remind myself to remind myself more often!


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The parenting Dillema

Part of being a good father is knowing when to let go of you’re children. Undestanding that their comes a point when you probably have done all you can do to influence them, and they are going to live life on there own term’s from now on. All you can really do is hope that the grounding you have given them has set them on the right path morally (and politically!!1) and that, dispite the arguments you might get into from this point on, hopefully when they grow older and have children of their own they will thank you.

I understand all this. But no one ever said it was easy.

My son, Slim (he’s real name is Dustin) is now 19 year’s of age. He is in his second year of University, studying Arts, with his Major interest being in Music. First, I should point out that although I never had the opportunity to attend Uni, I have nothing against it. Indeed, it was a honour having my son accepted – He exceded everyones expectation’s in High school and just went on from their.

But the trouble is that he seem’s to have been hanging about with the kind of people I thought I had done my best to teach him to avoid- –Leftist activist type’s. At first it did’n’t appear to be doing him any adverse harm, but before to long he was barking at the television whenever the Iraq war was mentioned, or calling Andrew Bolt name’s I wo’nt repeat here while I was reading his column’s in the morning, This was particularly alarming, because he know’s how highly I value Bolts’ opinion – and anyway, I thought I’d taught him to respect people’s differing opinion’s anyway.

A few days ago he left the house wearing one of those She Guervera t-shits and I fairly hit the roof. He would’nt listen to me when I attempted to educate him on that poisonous Bastards murderous ways in advancing Socialism in all its evil’s through Latin America. He shouted back some poppycock about “idea’s and idealogy” and called me an old, well, use your imaginations I won’t repeat what he said.

I shoved him out the front door and ,in my fit of peek, told him not to come home.

I was wrong to do that off coure. He did come home that night and snuck into his room, believing he was undetected. Is’nt it funny that all children seem to think there parent’s do’nt hear them when they come home, and can sleep comfortably when their out late! I used to think that when I was younger and only Parenting made my undestand how wrong I was!!

Anyway, I appologized to him in the morning but said I felt we needed to talk about the dangerous path he was taking. He did’nt really engage me, and he has been sullen since, refusing to converse with his old man which is heartbraking for a Dad who for so many year’s has had a particularly healthy and open Relationship with his boy- A bond strenghtened by his mothers’ absense for so many years.l

Sorry about the long post, but this is the Dilemma I find myself into day. I love Slim dearly and do’nt want to see him fall in with the wrong crowd and do something stupid. I warned him time and time enough about Leftist’s and the poison of their Dogma, advice he clearly has ignored. But he is, legally a Man now, and I woud’nt be much of a Man myself if I did’nt allow him to be a man in his own right.

This, my freinds is the Parenting Dilemma. I welcome any word’s of advice (or even comiseration — I can be a decent “shoulder” too, dispite my whingeing here!!) in the comments.


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