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Fielding bark’s up wrong Tree

Now before I get started I feel I should point out that dispite my having had a go at Christian’s before, I do’nt have anything against Christianity as such, understanding as I do that Judo-Christian principal’s form the basis of The Wests laws and value’s.

That said, Family Fist Senator Stephen Fielding- who the other day dragged that tired old chest nut about Pensioner’s being so hard up they are eating dogfood, is a dead set crouton.

Now, while I’m not a pensioner quiet yet, I am hard up at the moment (have been for some time too), and while I have’nt exactly been eating the kind of tucker that would have the Poofy fellow form ABC’s The Cock and the Chef programme beating a path to my diner table, I can happily report that I have’nt felt the need to carve up a tin of Pal.

I Have eaten dogfood once before, but not through hunger or nessecity but to prove a point. On afternoon down at the local Pub in the heat of a verbal dispute, another regular, “Tank” called me a dog. Partly to show him how rediculous his slur was and also to diffuse the situation ( which had been escalating for sometime), I ducked off home (I live very close to the pup) and came back with small tin of Button’s favourite Lucky Dog, peeled off the lid and ate the whole stinking lot with my finger’s in front of all and Sundry in the public bar. Then, when I was finished I licked the tin and barked at the crowd who by then were in Hysteric’s.

The all agreed I’d certainly put Tank in his place when I asked them, But I tigress…

Stephen Fidling is in a unique position to stick it to the Goverment, and the best he can do is come up with this nonsense about dogfood which everyone can see is blatantly false and only succeed’s in drawing attention to his pettiness and away from the real Issue’s.

The fact is that pensioner’s are doing it tougher than ever .Kevin Rudd is is selling them short, just like his doing with the Nations worker’s and kids. To be perfectly Frank, what with his follies of Carbon Credit Schemes and what not, he’ll wind up giving this Great Brown Lad of our’s a rogering with all the trimmings by the time his first Term is through!

If Stephen Feilding is going to throw away every freekick his given by making a bloddy goose of himself, he should just stich to counting his Rosary beans and leave politic’s to those who are willy enough and willing to separate Church and States.


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